TeleHealth Services

TuDor Physical Therapy Centers is proud to offer TeleHealth services to our patients who may benefit from this service. Vince and Lindsay did a fantastic job demonstrating how easy it is to access our services via TeleHealth.

Video Transcript

Vince: Hi, I’m Vince Ragozine. I’m a doctor of physical therapy here at TuDor Physical Therapy, PHOENIX Rehabilitation Centers, and I’m coming to you today to talk about telehealth. Tele-health, it’s a new buzz word and what it is, it’s the ability to provide health care through the internet. And what we use is an app called Zoom, and we’re able to actually come to you through your computer, your desktop, laptop, tablet, even your cell phone, and we can live interact and talk about your problems, your pain, exercises, and we can perform those with you through telehealth. We can troubleshoot any issues you’re having with your therapy or with your care up to this point. There’s just so many possibilities. You’re going to have skilled care of a doctor of physical therapy for at least 45 minutes, one-on-one, so it’s a great opportunity. You don’t have to leave the house. You can stay home where it’s safe right now during the COVID-19 pandemic and we can reach you and still have our sessions basically.

It’s very easy to do. It’s so easy. All it requires is the Zoom app for your tablet or phone or desktop, so it can be downloaded for free in just a matter of seconds at any time and an email. And what we do is we email you a link to the Zoom chat room where we will actually meet you in this virtual room, and that’s where the appointment will take place. Luckily my colleague Lindsey is here today. She’s going to introduce herself and tell you a little bit about how I get that link sent to me.

Lindsay: Hello, my name’s Lindsay Barnhart. I am a physical therapist here at the Austintown location of TuDor Physical Therapy / PHOENIX Rehabilitation, so I’m just going to help Vince demonstrate the telehealth that he was explaining to you.

So you emailed me a link.

Lindsay: I emailed you a link. Yes.

Vince: Okay.

Lindsay: And I have mine set up as well to join the meeting. So you would just need to go then to your computer and open the link that I sent you.

Vince: Okay, well you go to your office.

Lindsay: Okay.

Vince: And I’m going to go home.

Lindsay: Okay.

Vince: And we’ll make this work.

Lindsay: All right.

Vince: All right, so I’m going to go home. Here’s my home, and this is my email, and this is the link. You see there’s a hyperlink here? This came through. I’m going to click on it. Now, I’ve got the Zoom app already downloaded to my computer, and you’ll see there’s Lindsay. So that automatically opens right up, and I’m going to just enlarge, and I’m going to join audio with the computer, and there we go. So what we’re able do here is Lindsay can provide care. She can demonstrate exercises. She can offer advice. She can look at how my movement patterns are. So many options. So Lindsey, can you hear me.

Lindsay: Yes, I can.

Vince: Okay. How long will this session last would you think?

Lindsay: They typically last 45 minutes.

Vince: Okay. And what do I need to have with me?

Lindsay: You can use household items such as having a chair nearby to set yourself like for balance and for safety if you need to hold on to something. Also too, like we have you do like with mini squats, it’s nice to have a chair there available to you. If we were to have you do stretches, we usually recommend using like a towel, belt, dog leash to help with stretches.

Vince: Okay.

Lindsay: Yeah, so any household items are very beneficial to have around.

Vince: Very good. So I’m in my home.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Vince: Okay, now I’m coming back into the clinic. Now how am I going to pay my co-pay?

Lindsay: Okay, so get this. There’s no copay. It’s free of charge. So that’s the advantage that we really need to take at this time because that rarely ever occurs.

Vince: So there’s no copay.

Lindsay: There’s no copay.

Vince: So nothing out of pocket.

Lindsay: Nothing. No.

Vince: And I can maintain my physical therapy.

Lindsay: Yes.

Vince: How many times a week?

Lindsay: Two to three. You know, what we would normally recommend patients coming into the clinic for. That’s what we would treat it as with the tele-health too.

Vince: Would this be good for maybe my elderly parents-

Lindsay: Definitely.

Vince: That can’t get out right now?

Lindsay: Yeah. It’ll help keep them moving. I mean with all this shelter in place, it’s easy to just stay in, at home, which is what we need to do, but sit and eat and just become lazy, so it’s very important to keep active and mobile at this time. We can’t forget that.

Vince: Very good.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Vince: Thank you very much.

Lindsay: It’s important. Spread the word.

Vince: All right.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Vince: You heard it there guys, so TuDor Physical Therapy tele-health. Give us a call. You can click on the link connected to this video and reach our office, and we’ll reach out and contact you if you just leave a message and hopefully we can make this work for you. Thank you. Bye.