Urgent PT Care

Experiencing acute musculoskeletal pain and you need relief fast–but want to avoid that high Urgent Care Center cost–we have good news for you! At TuDor Physical Therapy, our Boardman clinic is pleased to be able to bridge this gap in care, by offering TuDor Urgent PT Care. Simply walk in to our Boardman Clinic during our hours of operation to be evaluated by our Licensed Physical Therapist and begin treatment that day! We will help relieve your pain and get you on the road to recovery, and expedite you to an orthopedic physician or other specialist as necessary. 

No Appointment Necessary!

Patients experiencing acute musculoskeletal pain can now take advantage of TuDor Urgent PT Care at our Boardman Clinic! TuDor Urgent PT Care is a practical and affordable alternative to Emergency Rooms or Urgent Care Centers, for patients seeking immediate care for pain. 

Musculoskeletal pain often doesn’t rise to the level of a life-threatening situation requiring Emergency Room Care, but is urgent enough for patients to seek immediate relief. However, Urgent Care Centers don’t tend to have Licensed Physical Therapists on staff. TuDor is now bridging this gap to immediate care. Patients may now simply walk-in to our Boardman Clinic during our hours of operation for an express evaluation and to begin same-day treatment with a Licensed Physical Therapist for: 

Remember: Before walking into a walk-in clinic near you, double check to make sure your local urgent care center offers physical therapy services. 

For more information about TuDor Urgent PT Care contact our Boardman location at 330-965-9330.