Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) is a technique physical therapists use for the treatment of pain and movement impairments. Tudor Physical Therapy is now offering Trigger Point Dry Needling in locations throughout the Tri-County area.

What is Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a treatment technique that utilizes thin, solid filament needles to deactivate and desensitize trigger points in muscles. It is a treatment for muscular tightness and spasm which commonly follows injuries and often accompanies the degenerative processes. This muscular tightness and spasm may lead to compression and irritation of the nerves exiting the spine. When the nerves are irritated, they cause a protective spasm of all the muscles to which they are connected. This may result in peripheral diagnoses, such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tenosynovitis and radiculopathies.

Vincent Ragozine, DPT from TuDor Physical Therapy Centers in Youngstown, Ohio demonstrates Trigger Point Dry Needling on patients lower back.

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Trigger Point Dry Needling can be used to treat:

Trigger Point Dry Needling can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems. Such conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain (i.e. frozen shoulder)
  • Headaches to include migraines and tension-type headaches
  • Arm pain (i.e. tennis elbow)
  • Hip, buttock and leg pain (i.e. sciatic)
  • Jaw (TMD) pain
  • Whiplash
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and more

Small thin needles are inserted in the muscles at the trigger points causing the pain referral. The objective is to effect the muscle spindle and cause a inhibitory effect therefore, decreasing muscle spasms and symptoms. Electric Stimulation may be applied while the needle is in the muscle to promote the healing process.

Typically, patients experience the results in 3 to 6 sessions. However, additional sessions may be needed depending on the chronic nature of the trigger point and other contributing factors. After dry needling breaks the pain cycle by resolving the trigger point, other treatment techniques focusing on myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education and strengthening will be introduced into the rehabilitation.

Tudor Physical Therapy offers Trigger Point Dry Needling in offices conveniently located in Austintown, Boardman, Columbiana, Cornersburg, Newton Falls, Poland, Salem, and Warren.

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