Lower Back Pain & Stiffness

Photo of woman with back pain

Dave, Michael and Karen are ready to treat you at our Cornersburg Clinic! Prescribed PT services are essential for health, and we hope that you continue to keep your appointments in order to keep yourself healthy throughout this pandemic and beyond. The team has put together a fantastic video which we hope is helpful to those of you who are dealing with lower back pain and stiffness. This is a demonstration of how our therapists can work with you in office to manage and alleviate your pain.

Video Transcript

Dave: Hey everybody. I’m Dave with TuDor Physical Therapy and Phoenix Rehabilitation services. This is one of our therapists, Michael and one of our physical therapists assistants Karen. We understand that you are all stuck at home right now due to COVID-19. We just wanted to reach out to you guys and let you know that we are essential employers and we are staying open through all of this. We are following all safety guidelines and procedures that were set forth by the CDC. We just wanted to reach out to you guys that aren’t able to get into the clinic right now and run you through some home exercise that you can do for your low back pain or stiffness. So Michael is going to demonstrate a couple of quick exercises for you.

Michael: Karen, can you please lay down on your back? The first one we’re going to do is the single knee to chest stretch. You’ll find plenty of these pictures on the internet. We’ll just have Karen bring one knee up to your chest, hold all these exercises for three sets for 30 seconds. If you experience any abnormal pain when performing these exercises, please discontinue. That will include pain or any numbness or tingling going down your leg or intensifying the back pain. You would do this with both legs. This is called the single knee to chest stretch. We also do the double knee to chest stretch. Again, three sets, hold it for 30 seconds, and we’ll bring the knees down. You would want to bring one leg across. We call this the piriformis stretch. This will hit a muscle in the deep hip, the piriformis, which can cause some sciatica. We would do this for both legs. Next, we’re going to move on to a posterior pelvic tilt. You’re going to want to flatten your back, tighten your abs like you’re pushing down and into the table. Hold this for a count of three. Repeat this 10 times. We’re also going to show you something called a bridge. You’re going to lift your hips and butt up off the table, tighten your glutes. Again, hold this for three seconds. Do 10 repetitions. We’ll have Karen roll over onto her stomach.

We’re going to prop yourself up on your elbows. This is called prone on elbows. A great stretch for the lower back, stretching up the lower abdominal wall. Now we’re going to do something called prone press-ups and again, arching the back up. Again, if you experience any abnormal pain with these stretches, please discontinue. 

Please stay safe. Don’t touch your face and wash your hands. Have a great day from TuDor / Phoenix Rehab.