Lower Back Pain & Stiffness

Photo of woman with back pain

Dave, Michael and Karen are ready to treat you at our Cornersburg Clinic! Prescribed PT services are essential for health, and we hope that you continue to keep your appointments in order to keep yourself healthy throughout this pandemic and beyond.

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TeleHealth Services

TuDor Physical Therapy Centers is proud to offer TeleHealth services to our patients who may benefit from this service. Vince and Lindsay did a fantastic job demonstrating how easy it is to access our services via TeleHealth.

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Increase Quad Strength

Running along the water

Bret Lorenzo, director of our Boardman Clinic, shares with you some PT techniques to help increase quad strength. These exercises may be appropriate for anyone who is preparing for or recovering from knee surgery, or experiencing generalized weakness in their lower body.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

TuDor Physical Therapy is committed to providing our patients and staff members with a safe and healthy clinic environment. We continue to monitor updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. We will use the guidance provided by these agencies and public health officials to update you as new information becomes available. Let’s work together to keep each other safe and healthy.

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Lymphedema Education

TuDor providing Lymphedema treatment education

TuDor’s founder, Laura Dye, and PT Darris Binion spent time at Penn State Shenango, providing education and sharing their expertise regarding Lymphedema treatment.

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Pain Management: Should I Exercise or Rest?

Man with knee brace on in pain

When you’re in pain, your body is communicating with you. But what message is it sending? Should you rest or should you move? Whether it’s low back pain, neck pain, a sprained ankle or a shoulder injury, it’s important to understand when you should be active and when you should give your body a break.

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